Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat on Christmas Keroppi Superstar Nails

This is the latest Christmas nail design in my Christmas 2010 Nail Art Series: "Christmas Keroppi Superstar Nails." For the tutorial, click here.

The first photo is after 2 coats of top coat. The 'after' photo has an additional 3 coats for a grand total of 5 layers of top coat. It may not be so apparent in the photo, but you can see a slight difference in the elevation of the star nail deco & the gold hex glitter. The face of Keroppi is also a bit smoother than in the first photo.

Usually after adhering the star nail art deco, the points of the stars can easily snag on fabrics, scratch, etc. An easy fix is adding several coats of your favorite top coat especially if you do not have the ability to encapsulate your design with acrylic.

Here, I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat that I received as a prize from MissTiffanyMA's recent subscriber contest on YouTube. On EBAY, you can purchase a 0.5 oz bottle at $6.74, free shipping. Click here for the ebay listing. It saved me so much time as I did not have to wait too long in between applications of each layer of top coat. It amazingly took less than 1 1/2 minutes for each layer to completely dry v.s. about 15 minutes for each layer to dry. Seche Vite leaves your nails with an incredible shine and added protection against chipping.

My only concern with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat is the 'warning' on the side of the bottle. Apparently, in the state of California, there is a chemical that the state safeguards against that is present in the top coat. It claims that it may cause 'birth defects or other reproductive harm.' I found it funny that it singles out Callifornia...so does that mean it's safer in the other 49 states of the USA? Just an FYI...:)

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Gloppy Nail Polish Days are Gone!

I'm happy to say that I recently bought my first Nail Polish Thinner on Ebay (about 2 months ago.) After years of not doing anything about my old nail polishes that have become gloppy and thick -- except tossing them out -- I finally went for the solution and actively searched for a Nail Thinner on Ebay.

I was just tired of all the polishes I had that seemingly lost their vitality when I felt like I hadn't even enjoyed their colors to the max yet. I couldn't find myself throwing them out; I really felt like I was throwing away money.

Back when I was younger, I watched my aunts mix acetone to revive their gloppy old polishes so they could enjoy another application. Thus, thought that was the only way to add life to an old bottle of nail polish. That method did work temporarily as it did thin the polish enough to be able to squeeze in another application, however, once the bottle sat with the acetone, the polish's components would separate and actually break down in the bottle which ultimately destroyed the nail polish.

3TanjaJ3 on YT mentioned using a nail polish thinner on one of her replies to her comments -- this was the first time I heard of the existence of such a thing and like a true nail addict, became so excited to be able to get additional 'fixes' on my old nail polishes.

Prices varied on Ebay for the Nail Polish Thinners depending on the brands (Zoya, OPI, Essie, NailTek, etc.) I focussed more on the 'BUY NOW' option vs actually engaging on a bid because I plainly wanted a thinner. The high end brands sell 0.5oz for about $5-7 plus $2-4 shipping. I opted for a not too popular brand and went for the economic value. Yes, I'm frugal like that. LOL. In the end, I bought a 4.0 oz bottle of "SUPERNAIL" at the Buy Now Price of $3.99 & $3.99 shipping costs.

I am halfway through the bottle now and am so happy I invested in a nail polish thinner. It has saved me from throwing away so many of my favorite nail polishes!

When a nail polish has become gloppy, thick & clumpy, I mix in about 10-15 drops of the nail polish thinner into the nail polish bottle and gently shake it up. In an instant, the nail polish is like new; the consistency is fluid and easy to apply. For the thicker polishes, I just add a few more drops of the nail polish thinner until I get the consistency that I want for application.

Only drawbacks with the "SuperNail" Nail Polish Thinner is the smell & the absence of a dropper. The smell is pretty strong and is similar to the smell of a typical nail salon. No dropper was included with the bottle so I had to be creative and figure a way how to get the product into the nail polish bottles. I ended up just using a teaspoon. Other possible options: an old medicine syringe or an old eye dropper.

A curious thing I discovered about "SuperNail" Nail Polish Thinner is that acetone happens to be the last ingredient. For those who don't know, acetone is a key component of nail polish remover. This makes me wonder if other thinners also contain acetone? If you actively use a nail polish thinner, please comment the brand you use & whether or not ''acetone" is listed as one of the ingredients. I'd like to see if it's just a common thing put into nail polish thinners.

Other ingredients include: mineral spirits, MEK, isopropyl alcohol. For a similar listing on EBAY, click here.

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