Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Got a Messy Loved One on Your Christmas List?

I had an awesome experience with the Off the Floor EZ Store just recently. I was sent one of their products called 'Glam It!' which totally changed my not-so-tidy tween & teenage daughters' organizational lives! Please check out my new product review published on Yahoo! Voices for more details and some photos of how we used the panels to keep my girls' bedrooms organized. With the New Year coming, this product is such an excellent solution to help keep you or other's on your Christmas Shopping List on track if being organized & clutter-free is on your list of New Year's resolutions. ;)

Click below for the review:

How to Get Organized with "Glam It!" -- gets clutter off the floor.

Foiled Nail Art -- Oh, How it Sparkles! :)

To me, Foil Nail Art Deco is a new type of nail design medium. One will discover that most foil nail art being sold online comes in the form of cards or rolls of different colors & multiple textured graphics. However, the BornPrettyStore's version of nail foil came in small, clear, 1-inch diameter acrylic pots. recently gave me the opportunity to test out their foil nail art deco and share my objective impressions on them. My foils were a mix variety of golds & coppers with traces of muted blues, oranges, & greens to mimic the natural oxidation seen on some metals. They can be purchased at in sets of 12 pots for a reasonable $6.28 or a value of $0.52 per pot. Upon the writing of this review, they offer discounts for multiple purchases of the same product. This type of foil conforms to the shape of the nail better than the foil that comes in rolls or cards.

Because of the delicate form of the nail foil, the application can be time consuming for the first timer. Personally, I spent one hour to complete only 5 nails using my dominant hand. Although the creative possibilities are endless, other simple variations of applying the foil include:

1. a 'French Manicured Look' - where only the tips of the nail are covered with the foil. For better results, apply a similar metallic polish resembling the nail foil on the nail tips instead of the clear nail polish. With the tip of an orange stick wrapped in cotton & dipped in acetone, the smile line can be better defined & edged.

2. an 'Accent Look' - where only one choice nail on each hand (i.e. ring fingers) is foiled. This is beneficial when time to work on a manicure is limited or conserving product usage is desired.

3. a 'Dotted Look' - where the adhesive medium is dotted on the nail in similar or varying diameters so the foil only adheres to the dots creating the look. As needed, an orange stick wrapped in cotton & dipped in acetone can also be used to define the edges of the dots.

Yard work, hand washing, laundry, dish washing, etc. can eventually take a toll on a manicure. With nail polish alone, polish will normally start chipping from a finished manicure within a few days to a week depending on the wear & tear a person subjects their hands to. During this test, I applied foiled nail art on one hand & achieved a similar look on the other hand just using metallic nail polish. The foil nail design lasted 3 more days longer than the 'polish only' nail art before it began showing signs of the deco chipping.

Overall, the novelty of having foiled nail art was a unique experience in itself. I enjoyed the opportunity to select from the wide variety of foils included in BornPrettyStore's packaged set. An individual with foiled nails will definitely be considered an "original" especially since this deco medium hasn't fully infiltrated the nail design community as opposed to crackle polish or nail decals.The application process may be considered time consuming for the average person, however, major nail enthusiasts will most likely find joy in being able to create sparkly, luminescent designs with this trendy medium.

If you'd like to try out foiling your nails, has generously offered a shopping code for my readers. Use code: DELW10 at check out for a % discount on your total order.

Happy February!