Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Scoop on Artmatic Cosmetics -- $0.45 per nail polish bottle

I remember Artmatic Cosmetics when I was a teenager. They were a drugstore brand of cosmetics that sold for about $1.99 comparable to today's popular NYC & Wet N Wild brands products. Back then, in the late 1980's, I was intrigued by lipsticks & lip color; those were the main products I used from Artmatic.

As time passed, I no longer noticed that the Artmatic brand was displayed in the local drugstores in California. No public announcement or news report on their absence in the mainstream cosmetic counters in my community could be found. Even today, it is difficult to find any articles in the World Wide Web on the history or updates on Artmatic Cosmetics.

With my recent interest in finding the most value and being able to 'stretch' the mighty dollar, Artmatic has resurfaced into the cosmetic limelight again.

By clicking the image below, get access to wholesale pricing from DollarDays. You can actually get 144 bottles of nail polish for only $64.80 -- that equates to $0.45/bottle plus shipping. Artmatic's regular retail price is $1.99/bottle. Get extra savings by using discount code: LS12; you can receive an additional $12 off any order on the DollarDays Website.

You will have to register on their site to gain access to pricing and the ability to put an order in. With this special pricing you will get a total of 12 sets of 12 unique colors: Orchid, Freesia, Lilac Glow, Sizzling Red, Silver, Renegade, Dusty Rose, Butterscotch, Copper, Cream Puff, Natural and Silver Grape. The quantity of nail polish is enormous, however, so are the savings.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top 10 Real Writing Jobs (Sponsored Post)

Top 10 Real Writing Jobs - ad
Top 10 real writing jobs, earn $1-$5 per task. Looking for bloggers, help w/scripts, articles, stories, etc. There is a fee to access the information on the writing jobs. They claim to have opportunities that pay up to $500 for certain projects like improving movie scripts or up to $25 for blog posts. The introductory period lasts for 7 days at $4.95. If you choose to stay, the cost is $77/year. The opportunity sounds great to someone like me who loves to write; however, the initial fee -- even if it is pretty low -- makes me a little hesitant. Perhaps, to make it more appealing, they could offer deducting the fee from the first successful completed writing assignment?

Post a comment if you decide to try them out, or have actually received some writing assignments through their service.

Good luck! :)

LikeMyWear Pre-Launch (Sponsored Post)

LikeMyWear Pre-Launch - ad
Fashion mistakes? With LikeMyWear, never again! Use the power of your friends to put your most fashionable foot forward. That is what they promise on MyLikes.

'LIKE My WEAR'  is a brand new website coming soon where members can upload & share their photos and have friends & other fashion experts give their opinions on what to wear & what to not to wear as seen in the photos. How they plan to do this is still unclear. It may be a simple 5 star rating similar to that of YouTube's rating determined by the number of  'thumbs up' a photo may receive or a tally system as in FaceBook where 'likes' are counted and posted on a picture. We'll have to wait and see...

They are currently taking an email list on their site to announce the actual launching of their website. I'm excited to see what features they will be offering to their members and how they will actually carry out there proposed concept. Stay tuned for a follow-up review or better yet submit your email address for a personal invitation to their 'LIKE My WEAR' launching. :) Have fun!

LIKE My WEAR can also be found on Facebook or Twitter as @LikeMyWear

Blogger Giveaway

There's an awesome giveaway happening at SPHLovesCosmetics.

Check it out -- she's giving out 20 pairs of false eyelashes, some Elf, Rimmel, NYC cosmetics and other goodies. In addition, she is also having giveaway on her YouTube Channel.

For official rules to her giveaways, please click the link above. Good luck!

Send the Trend 50% off - (Sponsored Post)

Send the Trend 50% off - ad
Get a free personal style analysis at 'SEND the TREND' to get "bling" and fashion accessories tailored to your unique style. 50% off @ Send the Trend! Christian Siriano is the curator who spots the latest trends on celebrities, fashion events and the current season. A great tool to incorporate fashion accessories into your personal wardrobe that can reflect the overall current trend of the season.

No membership fees to use their website and view their recommendations.  Each month they offer you recommendations of the latest fashion accessory trends. You are free to only purchase items that you want with free shipping. Each piece is regularly $29.95 but by clicking the image above you can get a 50% discount for the term of their special. Pieces range from scarves, bracelets, sunglasses, and more.

Instead of flipping through hundreds of fashion magazines or traveling to faraway fashion shows to discover what is 'in,' save time and money through 'SEND the TREND' who brings all the fashion trends to you.

I really like their concept. Thanks to 'MyLikes' for the introduction to an innovative website.