Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free Mini Facial at Your Local Origins

While I stumbled upon the Origins' special for Earth Day, I also discovered that they offer free mini-facials & skin consultations at their store. They offer 5 different facials to choose from:

1. Age Erasing
2. Firming
3. Redness Relieving
4. Brightening
5. Hydrating

What a great way to enjoy some 'me-time' as they called it on their website. Included with the free facial is a personalized skincare consultation, nature's gentle exfoliation and a facial mask targeted to your particular skincare concern.

If you don't mind having your face 'touched' or not having any make-up on in a public area (for example, my closest ORIGINS is at a Macy's Department Store), then this mini-facial offer may be for you. I'm a little shy when it come to exposing my bare skin, so I'll have to think twice about setting up an appointment. LOL! If you aren't a bit shy, then absolutely go for it! Maybe I'll invite my sister-in-law or mother to come with me so we can feel 'vulnerable' together....:)

Here's a link to the offer and also an ORIGINS store locator: ORIGINS Free Mini-Facial


Trade Your Old or Empty Facewash for a Free Origins Full-sized

In celebration of Earth Day, Origins is having a 'trade' day. While supplies last, they are exchanging their full sized facial cleansers -- packaged appropriately with their Earth Day Design -- for any old or empty x-brand facial cleansers on April 22. Anyone who brings their old or empty facial cleansers to the counter will receive a 5oz size of "Checks & Balances" (retails at $18.50) or a 5oz size of "A Perfect World" (retails at $20.00)

According to Origins' website, "Checks & Balances" is a frothy face wash that is intended for all skin types while "A Perfect World" is geared towards combination/dry skin.

"A Perfect World" is slightly more expensive than "Checks & Balances." It also claims to be an antioxidant cleanser containing White Tea, thus, also has "age fighting protection." The Palm & Coconut antioxidants are said to grab the dirt so that free radicals are prevented from aging the skin.

"Checks & Balances" focuses on a more 'oily' skin type. Having the ingredient 'broad leaf kelp extract' that allows the cleanser to keep excess oil production in check and still be soothing enough with Lavender, Spearmint and Bergamot to be aromatic, refreshed and not 'tight.'

If you are not too attached to your own facial wash, this special is something to look into -- provided that there are not masses of people clamoring to your local Origins counter-top! LOL -- My usual cleanser cost me $5-6, so this is an opportunity to try a higher end product. Should you decide to trade your old cleanser in, leave me a comment and let me know how your experience was. :)

Be sure to print out this form -- CLICK HERE -- before heading out to your ORIGINS. The forms states "no purchase required." They have a similar special online, but you need to purchase $30 worth of products before getting your free facial cleanser.

'Til next time, Beautiful!

Friday, April 15, 2011

$10 Fashion Shoppe - Sponsored Post

Looking for a new SPRING wardrobe to match your spring nails? There's an amazing website called PrettyGirlShoppe that has the cutest clothes & accessories for as low as $10. MyLike for the moment is the LAVANDAR 109 -- perfect for springtime weather. For those not wanting to show off the shoulders, just throw on a light shawl or sweater & still be rockin' :) -- Believe or not, but there are also party dresses for $15! Long gowns, short dresses, with some complete with a wrap-a-round. Find even hair accessories, jewelry & nail polish to complete your look -- each item is truly under $10, except for the party dresses. I'm so shocked for the value & styles available. Check it out and comment which dress/item is your LIKE :)

Have an awesome day,

$10 Fashion Shoppe - Sponsored Post

Monday, April 11, 2011

First Contest Evah! on Deselvie2008

Yes, it is contest time. First contest ever on Deselvie2008. Thanks for your patience during these past couple of weeks -- today is DAY 1 of the contest. :)

Without further delay, my contest announcement on the theme of my first ever nail art contest is:
 "Harajuku Kawaii" or "Cute & Funky." In Japanese, 'kawaii' simply translates to 'cute.' On the other hand, Harajuku is a fashion style in Japan. Local teenagers there developed the style as their personal way of self-expression to break out or rebel against the confined structure found in their strict, conservative culture. Most schools in Japan mandate school uniforms and conformity. In my opinion, the two words combined equates to a FUNKY CUTE. :) -- a fashion sense that is fun, quirky and still harbors a touch of innocence.

In outside countries, Harajuku/Kawaii influences are seen in the fragrances of Harajuku Lovers, the hair style salon name "Hair A Juku" in California, the global infatuation with "Hello Kitty" & other Sanrio characters as well as in the make-up line "Tokidoki" sold at Sephora stores.

Please browse through the widget below - courtesy of - to get an idea of what is it that I will be looking for in your nail design. Feel free to GOOGLE the words "Harajuku Kawaii" to find other images to inspire your nail contest entry. :) Here is also another YouTube video that has a slideshow on other kawaii pics -->

1. Nail art must incorporate the theme: "Harajuku Kawaii or Funky Cute"
2. No 3D acrylic. Only nail polishes & acrylic paint.
3. No stickers. All kinds of nail deco allowed (ie glitter, rhinestones, spangles, fimo, pearls, etc.)
4. International entries are welcome.
5. Include a sign with your nail design stating your YouTube USERNAME & the Contest Name. For example, YOUR USERNAME's Entry to "Harajuku Kawaii or Funky Cute Nail Art Contest"
6. Post your entry as a video response to the contest video on YouTube and title it "Entry to "Harajuku Kawaii or Funky Cute Nail Art Contest"
7. Parental permission required for ages under 18 years. Please state it in your video or on your sign.
8. All videos must be your new creation & not a re-edit of an old video of yours.
9. Please limit length to under 4 minutes. Include a beginning, middle & end of the process. Does not have to be a full tutorial.
10. Minimum 3-5 nails.  Fake fingers/nails are allowed.
11. Include at least 3 final pics of the design. Must be clear for me to see.
12. You may submit a max of 2 entries.
13. Must be subscribed to my channel on
14. Favorite the YouTube Contest Announcement
15. Contest ends May 14, 2011 (SAT) midnight PST.
16. 2 winners will be selected.

1. Must be a subscriber to and favorite the YouTube Contest Announcement at
2. Only comment once under the video contest on
3. No "enter me" comments.
4. Let me know what is the max amount that you are willing to spend on a bottle of nail polish and why. Also, state what colors you are most drawn to. :)
5. OPTIONAL: For an extra entry, send me a Friend Request on Facebook at
& post your YouTube username on my wall. If you are already a friend of mine, just post your YouTube username.
6. OPTIONAL: For 2 additional entries, post your YouTube username on my Beauty Review Channel at under the contest announcement.
7. OPTIONAL: For 5 additional entries, follow me on twitter.!/deselvie2008
Post your Twitter name with your YouTube comment at If you are already a follower of mine, just post your Twitter name with your YouTube comment.
8. Parental permission required for ages under 18 years.
9. Open International.
10. 2 winners will be selected.
11. Follow my blog, just cuz you want to. :)

Please read the rules carefully -- I will be checking that all items are followed. If you have any questions re: the contest, please message me on YouTube so I can find & answer your question quickly. I reserve the right to adjust the rules as needed, so be sure to check the description box under the YouTube Video or this blog for any changes.

Have fun! I can't wait to see your entries. :) I will be uploading the prize video soon.

Subscriber Appreciation Results

Congratulations to all the winners of my first set of Subscriber Appreciation Giveaways!

Week 1 - suparockah
Week 2 - mslynduh
Week 3 - isabeljuarez100
Week 4 - pinkangel13

I hope you all enjoyed participating as much as I enjoyed holding the giveaways to celebrate my first 500 subscribers. Thank you so much for making YouTube such a 'happy' place! :)

As some of you already know, Deselvie2008 was approved for YouTube Partnership last week. Your views & interaction to my channel undoubtedly has made partnership into a reality. Thank you for your continued support and your time! You've motivated me to continue improving, growing and creating more videos for your viewing pleasure. Needless to say, your participation & comments have slowly moved me to step out of my 'comfort' zone or my 'shield' behind my camera and consequently pushed me in 'front' of the camera. This is all quite a challenge for me as I am uneasy to share anything about 'beauty' in the vast community of the Internet, moreover my own little world!

So, I owe it all to you, my beloved Subscribers & Followers...thanks for the boost in confidence :)I appreciate your loyalty and the continued support.

Please stay tuned more videos to come as well as the contest announcement. Muwahh! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nail Star Nail Art Pen/Brush Review

I posted the last Subscriber Appreciation Giveaway video yesterday (be sure to enter if you haven't already). The swirls in the nail art design in the above picture were created using Nail Star's Nail Art Pen & Brush.

I bought a set of 24 bottles from a seller in China through EBAY for under $12.00 -- there were so many colors that I still haven't not been able to use all 24 colors yet! So, I wanted to share a Nail Star Nail Art Pen/Brush as an appreciation token for one lucky subscriber for Giveaway #4.

The NailStar Nail Art Pen//Brush has a similar bottle design as brand names like Claire's, Nubar & Lazer. When you unscrew the top, a nail art brush is revealed. When you uncap the cap, the hollow, metal nail pen tip can be accessed. These gives the nail artist an advantage of using the product in 2 ways. It is also a great alternative for those looking for a more budget friendly nail art pen that are usually priced at $8 or more for only one color/pen.

I love being able to easily create swirls, dots, circles & curves using the metal tip which is essential in recreating today's trendy detail & abstract designs. The form of the bottle allows for the polish to flow through the hollow metal tip like ink flows through a writing pen. The variety of colors are amazing as well; the set included creams, frosts & glitter polishes. Although one can create nail art using simple tools like toothpicks & pins for dotting tools and crafty paint brushes, the Nail Star Nail Art Pen/Brush simply adds convenience to the nail artists' tools.

Despite the convenience, the Nail Star is not perfect. First, delivery from China was incredibly long; it took more than 70 days for the package to arrive. If you are not willing to wait that long, then you may be willing to pay a little more at a local beauty store.

Second, the narrowness of the metal tip has the tendency to clog, especially with the glitter polishes. A pin must be occasionally inserted to unclog the hollow of the tip. A nail thinner could be also added to the polish to ensure proper flow, but the result will be more runny and watery.

Third, the nail brush on some bottles were uneven in length. In addition, some brush hairs could easily be pulled apart from the wand.

From a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best, I rate Nail Star a "7." On a good day, their product does the job. I'm not a total 'lover' of the product, but it serves its purpose (until I find a better, more budget friendly nail art pen.)