Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top 10 Real Writing Jobs (Sponsored Post)

Top 10 Real Writing Jobs - ad
Top 10 real writing jobs, earn $1-$5 per task. Looking for bloggers, help w/scripts, articles, stories, etc. There is a fee to access the information on the writing jobs. They claim to have opportunities that pay up to $500 for certain projects like improving movie scripts or up to $25 for blog posts. The introductory period lasts for 7 days at $4.95. If you choose to stay, the cost is $77/year. The opportunity sounds great to someone like me who loves to write; however, the initial fee -- even if it is pretty low -- makes me a little hesitant. Perhaps, to make it more appealing, they could offer deducting the fee from the first successful completed writing assignment?

Post a comment if you decide to try them out, or have actually received some writing assignments through their service.

Good luck! :)

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