Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Nail Art 2010 Series

The nail design below is the first nail design in my Christmas Nail Art 2010 Series
(Click above to see the tutorial)

As we get closer & closer to Christmas, I will be posting new Holiday videos to celebrate the season & put us all in a festive mood! :)  So, check your subscription inbox for the newest notifications on YouTube.

My last naildesign, "Peppermint Penguin" also incorporated a candy cane nail design on the nail tips.

Our family recently attended the 'making of a candy cane' presentation at Logan's Candies which is a small candy shop that specializes in home made candies. We were fortunate to be able to attend & participate this year because the tour gets booked so quickly each year during the holidays. The shop has been in business since the early 1900s and only sells candies directly to the consumer, not via any mechanical distribution process. We were fortunate to taste freshly made candy canes that had WARM centers surrounded by the cooling, crisp outer case. No other candy cane can compare to these warm treats!

Another Candy Cane Inspired Nail Design. Hand model is my 9 year old.

So, Logan's Candy Canes had some motivation behind the latest Candy Cane Nail Designs on Deselvie2008's Channel. Hope you like them!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow -- so grateful for my health, family & faith. I'm also very grateful for my YouTube subscribers & Blog/Facebook Followers...It might sound wierd to an outsider, but the nail art community on YouTube truly is so uplifting & inspiring -- thank you for all your comments, views & subscriptions....Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

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