Saturday, November 6, 2010

Huge Sale at Walgreen's

Just got back from a trip to Walgreen's...I had to pick up some items for my girls --  and of course, I had to stop by the cosmetic section to see if there was anything that I might happen to 'need.' :)

I was happily surprised to discover that there were amazing discounts galore! Maybelline, Almay & Covergirl brands were Buy 1, get the next item 50% off, Sinful Pleasure nail polish was down to $1.99, makeup pallets by the Color Workshop were selling for $2.99 and NYC brands were also 50% off -- just to name a few bargains. I also saw a Sally Hansen nail kit complete with polishes, nail care, drying drops for only $9.99. Great opportunity to do some early Christmas shopping or to stock up on your top coats & basic colors for your nail art like blacks, whites, etc.

Because I recently received my prize for winning TheNailDutchess' Fall Contest ($25 Visa Gift Card) for my Autumn Scarecrow Pumpkin Design, I was able to pick up a few items. YAY! Imagine 50 cent nail polishes?! I grabbed myself a handful to satisfy my addiction...Please show the contest hostess some luv by stopping by her channel at and telling her I sent you. :)

Unfortunately, the sale ends today, November 6 -- so, stop by Walgreen's to take advantage of the low prices, if you get the chance...

Happy Saturday!
Vi aka Deselvie2008

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