Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nail Star Nail Art Pen/Brush Review

I posted the last Subscriber Appreciation Giveaway video yesterday (be sure to enter if you haven't already). The swirls in the nail art design in the above picture were created using Nail Star's Nail Art Pen & Brush.

I bought a set of 24 bottles from a seller in China through EBAY for under $12.00 -- there were so many colors that I still haven't not been able to use all 24 colors yet! So, I wanted to share a Nail Star Nail Art Pen/Brush as an appreciation token for one lucky subscriber for Giveaway #4.

The NailStar Nail Art Pen//Brush has a similar bottle design as brand names like Claire's, Nubar & Lazer. When you unscrew the top, a nail art brush is revealed. When you uncap the cap, the hollow, metal nail pen tip can be accessed. These gives the nail artist an advantage of using the product in 2 ways. It is also a great alternative for those looking for a more budget friendly nail art pen that are usually priced at $8 or more for only one color/pen.

I love being able to easily create swirls, dots, circles & curves using the metal tip which is essential in recreating today's trendy detail & abstract designs. The form of the bottle allows for the polish to flow through the hollow metal tip like ink flows through a writing pen. The variety of colors are amazing as well; the set included creams, frosts & glitter polishes. Although one can create nail art using simple tools like toothpicks & pins for dotting tools and crafty paint brushes, the Nail Star Nail Art Pen/Brush simply adds convenience to the nail artists' tools.

Despite the convenience, the Nail Star is not perfect. First, delivery from China was incredibly long; it took more than 70 days for the package to arrive. If you are not willing to wait that long, then you may be willing to pay a little more at a local beauty store.

Second, the narrowness of the metal tip has the tendency to clog, especially with the glitter polishes. A pin must be occasionally inserted to unclog the hollow of the tip. A nail thinner could be also added to the polish to ensure proper flow, but the result will be more runny and watery.

Third, the nail brush on some bottles were uneven in length. In addition, some brush hairs could easily be pulled apart from the wand.

From a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best, I rate Nail Star a "7." On a good day, their product does the job. I'm not a total 'lover' of the product, but it serves its purpose (until I find a better, more budget friendly nail art pen.)