Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trade Your Old or Empty Facewash for a Free Origins Full-sized

In celebration of Earth Day, Origins is having a 'trade' day. While supplies last, they are exchanging their full sized facial cleansers -- packaged appropriately with their Earth Day Design -- for any old or empty x-brand facial cleansers on April 22. Anyone who brings their old or empty facial cleansers to the counter will receive a 5oz size of "Checks & Balances" (retails at $18.50) or a 5oz size of "A Perfect World" (retails at $20.00)

According to Origins' website, "Checks & Balances" is a frothy face wash that is intended for all skin types while "A Perfect World" is geared towards combination/dry skin.

"A Perfect World" is slightly more expensive than "Checks & Balances." It also claims to be an antioxidant cleanser containing White Tea, thus, also has "age fighting protection." The Palm & Coconut antioxidants are said to grab the dirt so that free radicals are prevented from aging the skin.

"Checks & Balances" focuses on a more 'oily' skin type. Having the ingredient 'broad leaf kelp extract' that allows the cleanser to keep excess oil production in check and still be soothing enough with Lavender, Spearmint and Bergamot to be aromatic, refreshed and not 'tight.'

If you are not too attached to your own facial wash, this special is something to look into -- provided that there are not masses of people clamoring to your local Origins counter-top! LOL -- My usual cleanser cost me $5-6, so this is an opportunity to try a higher end product. Should you decide to trade your old cleanser in, leave me a comment and let me know how your experience was. :)

Be sure to print out this form -- CLICK HERE -- before heading out to your ORIGINS. The forms states "no purchase required." They have a similar special online, but you need to purchase $30 worth of products before getting your free facial cleanser.

'Til next time, Beautiful!

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