Friday, April 15, 2011

$10 Fashion Shoppe - Sponsored Post

Looking for a new SPRING wardrobe to match your spring nails? There's an amazing website called PrettyGirlShoppe that has the cutest clothes & accessories for as low as $10. MyLike for the moment is the LAVANDAR 109 -- perfect for springtime weather. For those not wanting to show off the shoulders, just throw on a light shawl or sweater & still be rockin' :) -- Believe or not, but there are also party dresses for $15! Long gowns, short dresses, with some complete with a wrap-a-round. Find even hair accessories, jewelry & nail polish to complete your look -- each item is truly under $10, except for the party dresses. I'm so shocked for the value & styles available. Check it out and comment which dress/item is your LIKE :)

Have an awesome day,

$10 Fashion Shoppe - Sponsored Post

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  1. Im totally liking the Feather Bead Necklace and Black Jumper. Thanks for sharing their website