Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free Mini Facial at Your Local Origins

While I stumbled upon the Origins' special for Earth Day, I also discovered that they offer free mini-facials & skin consultations at their store. They offer 5 different facials to choose from:

1. Age Erasing
2. Firming
3. Redness Relieving
4. Brightening
5. Hydrating

What a great way to enjoy some 'me-time' as they called it on their website. Included with the free facial is a personalized skincare consultation, nature's gentle exfoliation and a facial mask targeted to your particular skincare concern.

If you don't mind having your face 'touched' or not having any make-up on in a public area (for example, my closest ORIGINS is at a Macy's Department Store), then this mini-facial offer may be for you. I'm a little shy when it come to exposing my bare skin, so I'll have to think twice about setting up an appointment. LOL! If you aren't a bit shy, then absolutely go for it! Maybe I'll invite my sister-in-law or mother to come with me so we can feel 'vulnerable' together....:)

Here's a link to the offer and also an ORIGINS store locator: ORIGINS Free Mini-Facial


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